CSMS Pebble Pups & Junior Group

The Junior Group & Pebble Pups meet at the Senior Center every third Thursday at 5:30 PM until 6:15 PM or so. We only meet during the academic year, and we include January.  So, it is Sept through May.  Special announcements and field trips are noted on our blog and through the CSMS website.

The Pebble Pup Program also has a series of fun field trips - exclusively for them! You can collect everything from crystals to minerals to fossils and you get to visit some really cool places! Pebble Pup/Junior field trips will be announced in club meetings, in the club newsletter, and on the pebble pup/junior website (see below).

Unless prior arrangements have been made with the Pebble Pup / Junior Leader, children of second grade age, or older, are invited to join the Pebble Pups or Junior program.

For more information, email:   Steve Veatch

Ready to have some fun?    http://pebblepups.blogspot.com

Visit Pebble Pups on Facebook:   http://www.facebook.com/PikesPeakPebblePups.com

The pebble pup / junior trips require a membership in the CSMS.  On most of our trips, we open them to other clubs such as the Lake George Gem and Mineral Club and the Western Interior Paleontology Society.  Children coming from these organizations to attend field trips should be members of those organizations.  

  -Pebble Pups Trips are open to all children. Junior membership required: see application, home page

  -Pebble Pups MUST bring at least 1 parent with them.

Ready to start? Here's a place where announcements are made and lessons can be worked on independently...


Parents: please check out the level of activity before you commit your time and that of the children.